This poem's hidden message will make your day

Teen's 'Worst Day Ever' Poem Goes Viral

Twitter user Ronnie Joyce came across the poem above on the wall of a bar in London, England.

While at first the text seems dreary and depressing, the poem actually has a really beautiful message. Although it begins with "Today was the absolute worst day ever...", once you get to the end of the poem and solve its riddle, the text is actually extremely uplifting.

Life throws us curveballs sometimes, and this poem is just that -- a huge curveball. You actually have to read it from bottom to top to fully understand the poem's intended message.

When you start from the bottom, it actually begins with, "Today was a good day/ And you'll never in a million years hear me say that / It's all beyond by control."

Go ahead: Read it from the bottom to the top now.

See the video below for another awesome story about poetry:
ArtWorks' Ink The City Writes Poem Around GABP

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