'Space Jam 2' might be happening with LeBron James

Space Jam 2 May Finally Be Happening

Last month, Warner Bros. filed to renew its trademarks for "Space Jam," the cult classic that brought together Looney Tunes and the Chicago Bulls' Michael Jordan. In other words, fans may have a sequel on their hands.

However, a sequel to this sports comedy wouldn't be the first rumor of something like this happening. Just last February, fans went crazy when Deadline reported that a sequel was in fact in the works and LeBron James was set to take Jordan's spot.

It seems now that the likelihood of a sequel is becoming more realistic as Warner Bros. has released a statement that they are partnering with LeBron James for a "unprecedented agreement spanning all areas of content creation," and "the deal will see James' creative footprint touch all areas of the Studio, with plans for projects in television, film and original digital content." Sounds pretty legit to us, don't you think?

Fans were quick to comment on the announcement and took to Twitter to express how they felt about LeBron potentially taking over for Michael Jordan.

What are your thoughts on a sequel with LeBron James? Let us know in the poll below!

"Space Jam" was a cult 90s classic for kids and adults everywhere! Want more 90s nostalgia? Check out some of the 90s shows that made it onto our list of reunions that need to happen!

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'Space Jam 2' might be happening with LeBron James
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