Scientists study what fat tastes like, results are unexpected

Scientists Study What Fat Tastes Like, Results Are Unexpected

Fatty foods such as cookies, cheese, and just about anything deep-fried are loved by many -- but until recently, nobody really knew what fat itself tasted like.

Well, thanks to scientists at Purdue University that mystery has been solved, and the results are rather surprising.

It turns out that its flavor is unpleasant.

Participants were given a variety of examples containing different types of fatty acids but had their noses clipped so the aromas of the foods didn't influence their assessments.

For each one, they were asked to select from a range of tastes including sweet, salty, bitter, and blank.

Results showed that the morsels containing long-chain fatty acids were found to be on the bitter side, while those with shorter chains were described as being sour.

The researchers aren't quite sure how it is that fat's building blocks can taste so bad, while the foods lush in it are often so incredibly satisfying.

One reason could be that the examples given to the participants had exaggerated fatty acid amounts in them.

Another possibility is that since fatty acids often accumulate as foods rot, their flavor could be a biological alert to potential danger.

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Scientists study what fat tastes like, results are unexpected
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