Remembering Amy Winehouse four years later

Mark Ronson: Amy Winehouse Documentary Showcases 'Genius' Singer
Mark Ronson: Amy Winehouse Documentary Showcases 'Genius' Singer

It's hard to believe that four years ago today music lost one of the greatest singers of our time. Her music and her voice made her an unusual pop idol, but that didn't stop her from rising to fame almost instantaneously.

An article from The Economist published weeks after her death puts it best when they mentioned that it was as if Winehouse lived her career backwards. With her initial background and album focusing on jazz in 2003, her producer Mark Ronson helped her shape her vision of soul. Once "Back to Black" hit the shelves in 2006, she became a global phenomenon.

We decided to take a look back at some of Amy Winehouse's best hits throughout her career.

1.) "Valerie"

2.) "Back to Black"

3.) "Rehab"

4.) "You Know I'm No Good"

5.) "Tears Dry on Their Own"

Fans also took to Twitter to remember the late singer.

Amy was clearly a singer, performer, and pop idol that was gone far too soon. However, her music has lived on ever since.

Click through the slideshow below to relive even more of Amy Winehouse through the years.

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