#ProjectWomanKIND teaches us to be KIND to our bodies

#ProjectWomanKIND (PWK) is a new web series campaign spearheaded by Australian model Jessica Vander Leahy. The campaign features five Australian models who describe themselves as "curvy," including Jessica, talking about how they deal with any negative thoughts or insecurities they have with regard to their appearances.

These women break down the thick wall of beauty standards by exposing the difficult battles women have with themselves every day. They teach young women to be kind to themselves and to love their bodies unconditionally. On the campaign's YouTube channel, a description reads:

"We are out to motivate women to recognize that they are more than just what they see in the mirror and remind them that the sisterhood is real."

Despite people's tendency to spread hate and negativity through Internet interactions, the women behind PWK believe that given a platform to speak about body issues and insecurities, women will empathize with one another and become more accepting and body-positive. The YouTube description reads:

"Giving women a platform to speak candidly on all body image issues can only result in an openness to further accept the unique qualities that make up each of us and the sooner we accept that, the better off we will be."

The campaign is formatted with five videos - each featuring one model who discusses the issues and negativity she faced with her body while growing up. The project emphasizes the pressure of working in an industry that capitalizes on physical appearance and how it affected these five women.

Sophie Sheppard, a model who has appeared in Vogue Italia, says in her video:

"I've definitely had times when I've been on a set and a pair of pants haven't fit and it's been all my fault. I used to get really upset about it and I guess still do if that sort of thing is going to happen...But I think when I was younger, when I first started out, I was so much more self-conscious about everything."

Jessica discusses her battle with body image in her video. She says:

"You kind of look at yourself and go, 'Argh, how did anyone ever kiss this face?' and then you just get over it, get on with it and another good day comes."

Model Olivia Langdon sums up the campaign's outlook when she says:

"Your sense of self-worth is not relevant nor proportional to your shape or your size, or of anyone else's."

The series has taken social media by storm as thousands of women resonate with the topics it shares on an open forum.

Watch this video to learn how to spread body positivity on social media:

How Teens Can Use Social Media To Spread Body Positivity

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