NYC's Loopy Doopy Bar is the perfect mix of happy hour and dessert

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When it comes to NYC nightlife, rooftop bars are a popular go-to. After all, nothing quite beats an incredible view of the concrete jungle with a cocktail in hand. What more can we ask for?

As far as NYC rooftop bars go, there are a few significant ones that often come to mind (and many New Yorkers can probably agree) -- Le Bain at The Standard, The Delancey, Sky Room and Top of the Strand to name a few. But one bar in particular has everything from a great atmosphere, gorgeous views, a fun crowd and most importantly -- delicious drinks! NYC's Loopy Doopy Bar is 16 stories above street level and has a stunning view of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor.

Located on the Conrad Hotel roof, this bar is the perfect mix of luxurious and contemporary -- but what sets Loopy Doopy apart from the rest has nothing to do with the bar itself, but rather the drinks it provides.

Famously known for their "prosecco and ice pop" drinks, Loopy Doopy mixes the drink of your choosing with a popsicle in the glass, sitting perfectly in your champagne or wine. Now, that's what we call HAPPY hour!

Check out some of the delicious dessert-filled drinks to choose from at this iconic rooftop bar.

These famous "ice cream drinks" aren't the only drink options at Loopy Doopy, however! You can also choose from their wide array of innovative cocktails, beer and traditional wine.

While the bar is seasonal, only open from April through October every year, it's certainly worth the visit if you're looking for a fun weekend with friends or a good ol' fashion happy hour outing.

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NYC's Loopy Doopy Bar is the perfect mix of happy hour and dessert

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Photo Credit: Dessert for Two

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Wine Slushies 

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Strawberry Shrub

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Blueberry old fashioned cocktail

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