New distracted driving PSA makes highly emotional impact

Texting and Driving Simulator
As we all know, texting and driving is extremely dangerous, as is shown in the video above. However, this notion does not necessarily stop people from distracted driving.

According to UMTRI, it is still estimated that "a quarter of teens respond to a text message once or more every time they drive. Twenty percent of teens and 10 percent of parents admit that they have extended, multi-message text conversations while driving."

In this effectively emotional PSA, you see exactly how easy it is to be distracted while driving, and how that one moment of distraction can destroy so many lives.

Chilling, right? So, remember doesn't even have to be a text necessarily — any kind of distracting moment can change lives in a split-second. Put your phone in the back seat, turn it off, put it on silent, lock it in your glovebox. It can wait.

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