Forgotten little girl dies in hot car

Witnesses heard Joseph Kurak's screams as he yelled "I killed her, I killed her," after accidentally leaving his 2-year-old daughter in a hot car.

The girl, Kristina, died in Nitra, Western Slovakia on July 22 after being forgotten about in her dad's black Volkswagen for more than six hours while her father was at work in his office.

Thinking he had dropped his daughter at her nursery, Kurak returned to his car after a day of work to find Kristina's body still trapped in her child's seat. That's when he reportedly began screaming.

The girl reportedly suffocated and had burn marks and blisters on her skin. After being called to the scene, paramedics were reportedly unable to revive her.

Witness Maria Zajacová called the police after watching the Kurak scream upon finding his daughter. She told local media:

"It was about half past two when I heard someone outside shouting 'I killed her, I killed her.' I ran there and saw a man running around the car in desperation at what had happened. I do not understand how such a thing could happen."

Kristina's mother Katarina reportedly arrived at the scene and was pictured clinging to her husband while sobbing.

Kurak was put under sedation as he was too distraught to remain calm. He reportedly faces being prosecuted for child abandonment.

Watch this video to learn about the dangers of leaving a child in a car:

EMSA Warns Against Leaving Children in Hot Cars, OKC Area Sees Increase of Children Trapped in Cars

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