#FollowMeTo hashtag inspires breathtaking photos from couples worldwide

Photographer Follows His Girlfriend Through India in Beautiful Instagram Series
By Alexandra Brown

If you're a regular Instagram user like the majority of people in the world, then you've either heard of or seen the #FollowMeTo hashtag.

No, it's not about people literally following each other around -- but rather couples seeing the world and exploring together. Beautiful, right? We know! Popular photographer Murad Osmann, and his television host wife Nataly Osmann, essentially coined the hashtag (iconically might we add).

Murad is famously known for taking gorgeous photos standing behind Nataly, while holding her hand with the backdrop as whatever gorgeous place their currently at.

The concept is all about love, traveling and taking on the world with those who make you happy.

While the Osmann's essentially originated the popular hashtag, many couples around the world have hopped on the #FollowMeTo train posting their own breathtaking versions of what it means to follow the one you love.

Check out just a handful of photos from the hashtag that's been sweeping the Instagram world.

If these couples inspired you and your sweetie to #FollowMeTo, click through below for the best travel destinations of 2015:
World's most popular travel destinations 2015
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#FollowMeTo hashtag inspires breathtaking photos from couples worldwide

10. Hong Kong - 8.66 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

9. Seoul - 10.35 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

8. Kuala Lumpur - 11.12 million visitors

(Photo credit: Shutterstock) 

7. Singapore - 11.88 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

6. New York - 12.27 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

5. Istanbul - 12.56 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

4. Dubai - 14.26 million visitors

(Photo credit: Alamy) 

3. Paris - 16.06 million visitors

(Photo credit: Shutterstock) 

2. Bangkok - 18.24 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

1. London - 18.82 million visitors

(Photo credit: Shutterstock) 


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