All-transgender modeling agency to open doors in LA

Andreja Pejic Becomes First Transgender Model to Land Cosmetics Campaign
Andreja Pejic is the first ever transgender model to land a major cosmetics campaign — and this is just the beginning. With major strides being made everyday, the transgender community is becoming more and more accepted throughout society. Apple Modeling Management wants to continue this positive progress with their models.

Apple Modeling Management will open its doors in Los Angeles this summer as the first ever all-transgender modeling agency. The agency's director, Celio Assuncion, says its about appreciating these models for their talent, not for their gender.

So far, the agency has signed six transgender models and hasn't even officially opened its doors yet! Apple Modeling Agency L.A. will be the first "all"-transgender agency, but accepting transgender models isn't new for Apple Modeling.

In fact, this Bangkok, Thailand based agency made history last fall when they opened up the first transgender model division in the world.

Watch this video of Apple Modeling Agency's transgender models in action:

Want more transgender inspiration? Click here for some of Hollywood's greatest transgender role models:

More acceptance for transgender model
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All-transgender modeling agency to open doors in LA

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