6 websites other than eBay to sell your old items

6 Websites Other Than EBay to Sell Your Old Items

Do you need more ways to get rid of your stuff and make money off the process?

Ebay is not the only place where you can sell your goods.

Here is a list of some other cool websites that let you do that:

1) Glyde

Good for selling your phones and tablets. Extremely easy to use since after you post the listing the company sends you the specific box for your item and they take care of the rest.

2) Gif Card Granny

In case what you want to get rid of this time is a gift card for a store you will never shop in, this is the website for you. It can get you up to 92% of the card's value.

3) Threadflip

This one is the ultimate stop for selling your clothes with a simple apps that helps you track your 'business' from your phone.

4) Vinted

This is also good for selling and swapping your clothes. If you are trading with another seller there are no extra fees involved.

5) Bonanza

With Bonanza you can create your own online store and keep up to 97% of the selling price.

6) Swappa

Another website exclusively for your mobile devices. The buyer pays the exchange fees so it's free for you to sell.

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