5 serene, secluded places for the perfect romantic couple's getaway

How to Plan the Perfect Getaway
Have an anniversary coming up and want to wow your significant other? Or maybe you've fallen out of touch with why you initially fell in love and want to reignite the spark? Whatever the case may be, nothing screams romance like a good ol' couple's retreat!

Spending quality time with your sweetie in a quiet, secluded place is one thing most couple's wish they were able to do more often. Having the option to either do fun outdoor activities with one another or stay in bed all day long together is something that just can't be beat.

If you're looking to spend some alone time with the one you love, here are our top 5 choices for gorgeous and exciting places to spend a perfect, romantic couple's getaway.

1) The Poconos, PA

2) Napa Valley, CA

3) Cape Cod, MA

4) Charleston, SC

5) Manchester, VT

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5 serene, secluded places for the perfect romantic couple's getaway

10. Hong Kong - 8.66 million visitors

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9. Seoul - 10.35 million visitors

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8. Kuala Lumpur - 11.12 million visitors

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7. Singapore - 11.88 million visitors

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6. New York - 12.27 million visitors

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5. Istanbul - 12.56 million visitors

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4. Dubai - 14.26 million visitors

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3. Paris - 16.06 million visitors

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2. Bangkok - 18.24 million visitors

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1. London - 18.82 million visitors

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