10 of the world's greatest road trips to add to your bucket list

Top 10 Bucket List Road Trips
You pack your bags, grab your best friend or significant other and hit the road. You're a mixture of anxious and excited, but let's face it -- the world is your oyster! This, my friends, is the feeling you get just before heading on a road trip.

Sometimes, there is little to no plan and you simply let the road guide you wherever it may -- but often, you have a destination in mind and you're eager to get there. If you're planning on the hitting the road any time soon and are wondering where you should head to, we've got 10 of the world's greatest road trips you've got to try at least once.

These spots are filled with beauty, adventure and all out fun! Sometimes, it's all about the journey -- but when it comes to these road trips, the destination is absolutely everything.

1) Atlantic Road, Norway

2) Ring Road, Iceland

3) The Scottish Highlands to Wales, The United Kingdom

4) Great Ocean Road, Australia

5) Route 66, United States of America

6) Interstate 80, United States of America

7) Cabot Trail, Canada

8) Amalfi Coast, Italy

9) South Island Circuit, New Zealand

10) Overseas Highway, Unites States of America

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10 of the world's greatest road trips to add to your bucket list

1. California State Route 1: San Francisco to Los Angeles

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2. Route 66: Chicago to Santa Monica, CA

Photo via Vvillamon/Flickr

3. Amish Country Byway: Holmes County, Ohio

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4. Blue Ridge Parkway: Shenandoah National Park, Virginia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina

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5. Upstate New York: Albany to the Finger Lakes

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6. Overseas Highway: Florida mainland to Key West

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7. Lewis and Clark Historic Trail: Illinois to Oregon

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8. Going to the Sun Road: Glacier National Park, Montana

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9. U.S. Route 1: Massachusetts to Maine

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10. Red Rock Scenic Byway: Sedona, Arizona

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