Young Angels fan drops a hot dog, picks it up and eats it anyway (Video)

Young Baseball Fan Inconsolable After Alex Gordon's Injury

There are a lot of traditions when it comes to the game of baseball, and one of them is unquestionably having a hot dog at the ballpark as you're enjoying the action on the field. To go to a baseball game and not enjoy a hot dog is near blasphemy. One small Angels fan understands this, and he wasn't letting anything get in the way of his hot dog enjoyment on Tuesday night.

Literally, he wasn't letting anything stop him from wolfing that thing down, not even some time on the ground.

This little Angels supporter was having some trouble with his delicious dog, and because of this it ended up slipping out of the bun and hitting the ground. You think he cared? NOPE! He grabbed that thing before the five-second rule set in and he just kept on going.

OK, that is a little disgusting, yes, but you do have to admire his determination here. His mom and dad probably spent some serious coin on that hot dog, given the insane prices at the ballparks these days, so by God he was going to put that thing in his belly.

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