Steve Spurrier on South Carolina football's marijuana policy: "Three pots and you're finished"

Former Player Nate Jackson Thinks NFL Should Allow Marijuana Use


South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier has been around a long time. He played in the NFL for nearly a decade from 1967-1976, and he's been a head coach since 1983. The 70-year-old has always established strong leadership in his college locker rooms, and after shedding some light on specific team rules, we can start to understand why.

Discussing the topic of domestic violence -- an unfortunately hot topic in college football -- on Tuesday on ESPN's 'Mike & Mike in the Morning,' Spurrier explained South Carolina's zero-tolerance policy.

"I have had that rule I think every year I've been at South Carolina, so 10 years, and we have lost two players," Spurrier said. "I tell the team when they first arrive on campus, all the freshman know right now, if you ever hit a girl, punch a girl, whatever, you're finished. You can go somewhere else, transfer somewhere else, but you're not going to be on our team."

No arguments here. Before he wrapped up his thoughts on domestic abuse, though, Spurrier touched on the topic of marijuana use, and his much more lenient policy.

Reasonable policy, fantastic phrasing. You can hear it for yourself at the 8:55 mark here.

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