McDonald's to FINALLY serve new and improved all-day breakfast

McDonald's May Begin Serving All-Day Breakfast...

McMuffin lovers rejoice! After delivering an underwhelming menu that lacked McMuffins during their all-day breakfast release in April, McDonald's might be ready to take its 24/7 McMuffin program across the nation.

While customers reportedly didn't mind the absence of McGriddles and biscuits, keeping McMuffins off the all-day breakfast menu was a big no-no. Therefore, McDonald's corporate sent a memo to franchisees that they should be ready to serve McMuffins all day long starting in October.

Only three more months until we potentially get evening McMuffins! Nothing beats breakfast for dinner. However, don't get too pumped just yet. It seems the company was cautious in the memo, saying the launch isn't set in stone as of now. Task Force leader LeAnn Richards wrote in the memo:

"We want to make it clear that we are not being presumptive that this will launch, but we want to make sure the system is ready to turn quickly and launch all day breakfast should all of you believe and support that direction."

All-day breakfast has reportedly been resisted in the past due to operational difficulties. Therefore, the rollout needs to be approved by committees and franchisees before anything can be put to motion. However, it seems McDonald's is quite serious about this plan seeing as how they went ahead and created a Task Force.
If McDonald's wants to get a leg up on competitors like Taco Bell, they better start dishing out the afternoon McMuffins. Fingers crossed and bellies churning, we'll wait and see what happens!

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McDonald's to FINALLY serve new and improved all-day breakfast
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