Jimmy Kimmel asks kids to explain adultery in this hilarious video

'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Kids Explain: Adultery

Now that more than 38 million Ashley Madison users are at risk of being exposed for cheating on their spouses after the site got hacked, the issue of adultery is getting bigger than ever.

Jimmy Kimmel, thinking of the real victims in the situation, decided to ask young children if they knew what the word "adultery" means as the hack will likely result in increasing divorces.

The children's responses prove that innocence does still exist. One little girl said that adultery is "to be a movie star." Given this definition, she deemed Johnny Depp an adulterer.

Another little girl described adultery as "a dog running," and yet another explained it as "archery for adults."

Seeing as how one child described adultery as "being an adult," she obviously explained that the best part of adultery is "getting to drink." We agree, kid.

One little boy explained that his parents are both adulterers because they are nurturing and fun. We hope for his sake that his parents are nurturing and fun without being adulterers.

And, of course, the kids assured us that when someone cheats on someone, it's usually an accident. Never change, kids. Your positive outlook on humanity inspires us meet your wonderful expectations.

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