David Beckham surprises family in need on 'Knock Knock: Live'

'Knock Knock: Live:' David Beckham Surprises Family in Need

Tuesday marked the debut of "Knock Knock: Live." Ryan Seacrest sent celebrities all across the nation to surprise deserving people with incredible prizes.

For the final event of the first show, Seacrest enlisted the help of David Beckham to deliver a huge surprise to a deserving family.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh, thank you," Claudia said, crying and hugging David Beckham on "Knock Knock Live."

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David Beckham surprises family in need on 'Knock Knock: Live'
Good morning and hello! It’s great to finally be on Instagram, been a long time coming but I can’t wait to start sharing all my special moments with you. Thank you for all your birthday messages so far. Looking forward to a great day with friends and family x
I feel very spoilt this morning! #DB40
I feel a very lucky man #DB40
Here's a photo with @brooklynbeckham the real boss of the family! #DB40
Happy birthday dad. #DB40
Reached 1 mil on my mums birthday and 2 mil on my dads. Thank u guys so much #DB40
So excited to be spending this special day with David and the kids in Marrakech! Welcome to Instagram @DavidBeckham! x vb #DB40
So excited to be celebrating David's birthday x #DB40 x vb 🎂🎉🎁❤️✈️ x vb
Dinner in Mexico City
Great to see these shy and retiring ladies. Never a dull moment.

The soccer-loving Gonzalez family couldn't contain their excitement upon opening a $100,000 check from one of the sport's biggest stars.

The, dad, Victor was a soccer player in Mexico, before immigrating to Utah to support his family.

The family said the gift will help them avoid living paycheck to paycheck. They were overcome with emotion from the life-changing amount of money.

People on Twitter seemed pretty emotional as well. At least all the ones that weren't complaining about how they didn't get selected.

But they still had to feel good for the Gonzalez family, who felt like they had a new lease on life thanks to the surprise.

"Before it was work, work, work. Paycheck to paycheck. Now we can actually spend time as a family, go places," Crystal Vasquez-Figures said, wiping away tears.

And how do you celebrate an international sports hero walking through your door and handing you a six-figure check? You play soccer, of course!

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