This quote from a fifth grader says everything about how kids spend their time

Why Is Technology So Addictive To Kids?

For over 30 years, the name "Nintendo" has been synonymous with joyful children.

Though many of the kids who once loved Nintendo have since grown up, the Japanese company's aim remains steadily targeted on the younger demographic.

But with the advent of smartphones, tablets, and multiple home computers, kids have never had more options at their fingertips over the distractions of yore.

Simply put: Nintendo's still popular with kids, but not quite as popular as, say, Snapchat.

Look no further than this excellent piece in Paste Magazine for evidence of that:

"Maggie," I say, "you seemed pretty negative earlier. What do you play instead of Nintendo?"

"Instagram," she says.

And in that child's (hilarious) response, we can see where kids are going instead of their handheld Nintendo 3DS game console. Instagram is actually the most popular social network among teens – a demographic kids like Maggie are just about to enter.

The Paste piece focuses on the recent passing of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Writer Jon Irwin is spending the summer teaching "ten- and eleven-year olds" at an educational camp outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and he asked the kids a variety of questions about that passing. Interestingly, of the kids present, "nearly all" own Nintendo devices. It sounds like gawking at rich kids living lavish lives may just be more appealing than Italian plumbers and pocket monsters.

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