This amazing new app is like Tinder but for food

Quick, pick one: boys or food.

If you picked boys, stop reading this article and continue swiping through Tinder in hopes of finding your next hookup...I mean soulmate.

If you picked food, we've got you covered. Tinder is so out and Tender is so in. Tender, an app created by three College of Charleston alums, allows users to swipe through delectable food porn pictures until they find a potential craving.

Whether you're looking for a momentary snack or a life-long relationship with an intense new dish, this app has got your back (or stomach). When you swipe right on a mouth-watering pic, the recipe gets saved to your phone. All you have to do from there is follow the directions and whip it up!

Don't be one of those people who swipes through, gets matched, and then fails to see the relationship through. Life is way too short for wondering what could've been. We encourage you to put yourself out there and actually make an effort to cook the meal. Even if you don't love it, at least you can say you were open-minded and gave it a chance.

Of course, it's always going to be a concern that the pictures might be deceiving. Some super photogenic nachos might look amazing in their Tender pictures and just aren't that appetizing in real life. Don't keep your guard up but don't be totally gullible, either. Go with your gut. A picture might look great but leaves a peculiar taste in your mouth (punny!). You have to trust yourself and your instincts when using this app.

Here's the best part. Tender has plans to add an undo option for when you accidentally swipe left on a meal that looks quite tasty. Unlike Tinder, this feature will be completely free of charge. Tender believes in second chances.

Time to throw on the bib! This app is your oyster...and burger, pizza, french fry, milkshake, and ice cream sundae. Stop drooling and start swiping.

This video is further proof that Tender is better than Tinder:

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