One of the most beloved clothing stores of the '90s is reopening

Limited Too Is Getting a Take Two

Limited Too is making a comeback.

Bluestar Alliance bought the name of the '90s brand for girls and tweens, according to Lisa Fuckenscher at The New York Post.

Limited Too was beloved for its colorful designs and glittery accessories.

Bluestar is planning a Limited Too rollout for Fall 2016 and could open up to 200 stores.

At its peak, Limited Too had 600 stores.

The company changed its name to Tween Brands in 2006, and shuttered most of its Limited Too stores amid the recession in 2008. Some of the stores were rebranded under the "Justice" brand.

The store's catalog business also closed.

limited too catalog

(Photo credit: Limited Too via Bustle)

Here are some photos of Limited Too before it too store
(Photo credit: AP)
limited too store
(Photo credit: AP)
limited too store

(Photo credit: AP)

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