Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift battle it out on Twitter

On the Charts: Nicki Minaj Can't Displace Taylor Swift's Reign

Looks like somebody isn't making it into Taylor Swift's coveted #squad.

After Nicki Minaj was snubbed a nomination for the MTV Video Music Awards' "Video of the Year", the pop star took to Twitter to voice her distaste for the music industry in terms of body image.

Her original tweet stated:

Harsh words.

Taylor Swift, however, was nominated in the category for her hit "Bad Blood" -- a video that notoriously showcased slim, high-fashion models. Swift, who presumably took the tweet as a direct attack on her own nomination, fired back to Minaj stating:

Of course, Minaj was quick to clarify that she never called out Taylor directly, saying the tweet was not intended for her.

As the online feud heats up, we're sure fans will be tweeting their loyalties non-stop. Are you Team Taylor or Team Nicki? Leave your comments below!

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