Matt Stonie eats 12 pints of ice cream in 36 minutes (Video)

Jack Jorgensen
Matt Stonie Wins 2015 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest
Matt Stonie Wins 2015 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Back on July 4 we saw something we didn't think we would witness anytime soon, that being Joey Chestnut going down in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. When it was all said and done, his streak was over thanks to a very nice effort from Matt Stonie.

Now, being the man that dethroned the man that everyone thought would never be dethroned, Stonie is looking to challenge himself even more. Even though this is eating food, this man is a competitor and a champion after all! That's what they do, they look for new challenges.

Although, this is just a little on the insane side.

In what I'm sure he believed was a nice little challenge for himself, Stonie decided that he would just down 12 pints of ice cream in 36 minutes.

Alright, now at one time or another we've all experience brain freeze; you feel like you want to die, and in some instances you probably believe that you actually are dead. Now can you imagine trying what Stonie did above here? As a matter of fact — how did he not die.

Man, the world of competitive eating is a weird place, but it's entertaining to us onlookers, that's for sure.

(h/t SB Nation for the find)

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