Man who survived lightning strike also wins lottery

Man Who Survived Lightning Strike Also Wins Lottery

It's unlikely you will ever be hit by lightning or win a lottery, but one Canadian man has experienced both.

Peter McCathie, who survived the natural disaster in his teens, recently won a $1 million prize with his co-worker decades later.

Based on the statistics, he beat the one in 13,983,816 odds of winning that lottery game which is far harder than the under one in a million chance of being hit by lightning in Canada.

He survived the first hurdle at just 14-years old when he was in shallow waters locking up a boat.

Interestingly, his daughter experienced a similar incident when she was struck by lightning securing canoes on a lake during a storm.

A Canadian math professor calculated the odds of the two lightning strikes and the lottery win and found that McCathie is a 1 in 2.6 trillion case.

As for the prize, he plans to treat his wife of three decades to a second honeymoon.

He will also earn an extra $10,000 since the winning slip was purchased from his store.
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