Karlie Kloss could be the next big YouTube star

Karlie Kloss Finds It ''Hard Not to Be a Feminist,'' Is ''Numbed by Celebrity''

Between modeling, being a student, and baking incredible cookies, Karlie Kloss certainly has her hands full. That isn't stopping her from her next form of world-wide domination -- vlogging on YouTube.

Aptly named Klossy, the channel was created early today and is home to her very first video. Produced by Casey Neistat, the clip showcases the model speaking frankly about her journey to stardom. The insider view into Kloss' life rings true to her social media persona (her Instagram also gives users an exclusive look into her chic lifestyle).

While Karlie has already established herself with her Instagram followers -- 2.8 million to be exact -- YouTube provides the young star an even bigger platform to reach her fans.

Her first vlog is already starting to climb the ranks in terms of views. We have a feeling that Karlie is well on her way to becoming the next big YouTube Star. Watch out Michelle Phan.

Check out her first video below:

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