Best of Beauty: 5 products you need this summer


Summer -- the time of year when sundresses, fro-yo, cold mojitos and beach getaways fill our weekends. It's also the season of frizzy hair, smearing mascara, breakouts, and oily faces. But fear not -- here we break down for you the five best beauty products to save you this summer. AOL went to BeautyCon L.A. recently to discover the latest in beauty, and took a week to test and bring you the latest and best products.
1. LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask
We are completely obsessed over this Korean import! Skin typically loses a lot of water while we sleep so I tried this cool, non-greasy gel that you leave on overnight to retain moisture. It's not sticky and by morning my skin was super soft and appeared extra luminous. Perfect for summer. This product is sold exclusively at Target. ($23.00)

Tip: Make this the last product you use in your nighttime beauty routine and use 2-3 times a week. It acts as a perfect "sealer" and won't smear all over your pillowcase.
2. BENEFIT Cosmetics Fake Up concealer
I have tried and tested many concealers that have left the circle under my eyes visibly racoon-ish and cakey, but this Benefit gem has restored my faith in concealers. Not only does it have a hydrating ring around the actual concealer but this little tube controls creases and leaves you with a light, silky smooth, natural finish ($31.97 on Amazon).

Tip: Made with vitamin E and apple seed extract, this concealer diffuses fine lines, and is perfect for hydrating skin that's been out in the sun all day.
3. IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eye Brow pencil
If you are like me and love your brows to be #OnFleek then this brow pencil will certainly up your game. Not only is it sweat-proof, but it uses a patent-pending blend of ingredients that helps restore your brow hair follicles -- a.k.a. prevents hair loss. It's perfect for creating natural looking brows, especially if you have a heavy hand when drawing them in ($28.25 on Amazon).

Tip: The pencil itself is a great measurement tool to create the perfect brow shape. Line the pencil up vertically to your nose to start, make a mark. Tilt the pencil to a 45 degree angle from your nose to measure where your arch should hit, and then turn your pencil to a 90 degree angle to mark where your brow should end. Fill in and voila! Flawless eyebrows.
4. PHYTO HUILE SOYEUSE Lightweight Hydrating Oil
The summer sun can give your hair a beating, making it dry, brittle and even straw-like. The solution? This hydrating oil from Phyto. Although it's marketed to fine-haired people, I took it for a test drive on big curly hair and the results were incredible. Not only did it make my hair frizz-free, softer and shinier -- it packed a serious moisture punch to my dry strands ($40.00 on Amazon).

Tip: Spray it on after washing your hair before going to bed to wake up with luscious, soft locks. Treat the spray like a leave-in conditioner to restore your hair back to health overnight.

5. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores, Finishing HD Mico Powder
There is nothing worse than shiny skin, and this finishing powder will save you from the common summer setback. This award-winning anti-aging powder delivers a flawless, pore-free airbrush effect, while diffusing the appearance of wrinkles. All of that action in one powder? Consider me a MAJOR fan ($36.30 on Amazon)

TIP: Use this translucent powder as the final step in your makeup routine. It will help absorb oil while smoothing out any makeup imperfections.

These three products didn't make the cut, but are worthy of an honorable mention.
1. LE MIEUX Moisture Infusion Mask: It successfully hydrates and soothes dry skin. With anti-aging peptides and marine collagen, this mask helps prevent and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

2. SKIN FIX Hand Repair Cream: Hands down (no pun intended) best hand cream to treat dry, cracked skin (secretly, I use it on my feet too). Once you lather it on, it might feel a little greasy but wait for it to set -- you'll be converted to this budget-friendly favorite.

3. MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS Moisturizing Lip Glossin Coral Craze: This universal shade will work on all skin colors and follows the Baby Lips cult-favorite hydrating standards. Pucker up before painting the town red after a long day at the beach with a swipe of mascara or use it during the day for a subtle work-appropriate color. ($13.24 on Amazon)

What are some other beauty staples you can't live without in the summer? Tell us in the comments below!
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