Mother's 'Autistic Child' sticker causes intense backlash

Early Signs of Autism

Autism is a complicated and widely discussed topic of conversation, and recently, a mother in Salt Lake City, Utah learned just how complicated it really can be.

Eliese Livingston's five-year-old son Kyler has autism, and he has been diagnosed with three other disorders over the span of the past five years. His diagnoses have left him with notable developmental problems, and Kyler has poor verbal skills and issues with understanding and comprehending.

Livingston told

Eliese placed a sticker on her van that reads "Autistic Child: May not respond to verbal commands", but the backlash she received from the sticker was unbearable.

People left handwritten notes around the sticker that read "spoiled brat" and "undisciplined."

This hatred is unacceptable, but Eliese continues to stand by her son and look for the people who left the horrible notes.

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