Homeless man flooded with job offers after handwritten note goes viral

Homelessness has been a growing problem in the UK for quite some time now, but recently, something amazing happened to one 23-year-old homeless man in Liverpool, England.

Last week, Metro UK reported that Jordan Lockett gave his CV to Aaron O'Dwyer -- an 18-year-old stranger who stopped to offer him money on the street. In the CV, Lockett heartbreakingly pleas for employment, sharing that he's a "very fast learner and hard worker."

O'Dwyer then posted Lockett's handwritten note on Twitter because he "promised he would share it." The tweet quickly went viral after being shared on Tuesday, with over 3,300 retweets.

Aside from getting attention on Twitter, several people have expressed interest in meeting with the 23-year-old about potential job opportunities.

O'Dwyer told Echo:

O'Dwyer hopes that the overwhelming support and love on Twitter will, if anything, help lift Lockett's spirits.

As shown in the video below, homelessness has been a huge problem in the UK for quite some time now:

UK's Growing Homeless Crisis

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