HIV testing now as easy as at-home pregnancy test

Britain's First At Home HIV Test Now On Sale

New advancements in technology have made testing for HIV as easy as testing for pregnancy.

U.K. based company, BioSure, has developed an at-home HIV test that is 99.7% accurate. The test identifies antibodies produced by the virus, similarly to a pregnancy test. The test costs $46 and is only available online through BioSure's website.

While there have been HIV at-home kits in the past, the test had to be mailed out to be analyzed; this is the first test of it's kind that can be done 100% by yourself. BioSure is completely DIY, with results in 15 minutes.

Warning: You must wait at least 3 months after potentially contracting the virus before testing. If you use the test before three months have passed since, you will not have produce enough antibodies yet to show up on the test.

Advancements like these are so important because of the large amount of people living with HIV undiagnosed. According to the CDC, there are over 1.2 million people in the United States living with HIV, and of those, about 13% of them don't even know it.

With a simple and fast acting test like BioSure, hopefully these exorbitant numbers can be reduced.

Watch the self-test video here:

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HIV testing now as easy as at-home pregnancy test
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