Charles Barkley trolls LeBron James (Video)

LeBron James: I Suck In 'Trainwreck,' But the Movie's Awesome!!

It seems that no matter what LeBron James does, he can't please everyone.

Not only is he the best basketball player on the planet, but he has a pivotal supporting role in a hit romantic comedy in theaters right now. Even in the offseason, LeBron James is winning — yet, people are reminding him of just how much he lost before the season was over.

Charles Barkley trolled LeBron over his role in Trainwreck, saying that the film was actually a sequel to the train wreck that the NBA Finals ended up being for the star.

Barkley was a staunch LeBron critic in the postseason, but also managed to be a voice of reason when it came to the hate that the Cavaliers star was taking. It was more of a defeatist attitude that Barkley had all postseason long in regards to LeBron, and this troll is right in line with that.

Basketball fans lean on Barkley for their jokes — many of whom believe he's the joke — and he's already starting to get back into regular season shape.

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