Ben & Jerry's has a bizarre graveyard for ice cream flavors that failed

5 Unusual Ben & Jerry's Flavors That Were Discontinued

Not all Ben & Jerry's flavors make it.

In fact, the popular Vermont ice cream company keeps a record of many of its failed flavors in a "Flavor Graveyard" on its website. (The famous ice cream company even has a real-life flavor graveyard, too!)

Here are 10 of the flavors that have melted away.

1. Schweddy Balls (2011-2011) This ice cream with a name inspired by a famous Saturday Night Live sketch featured vanilla ice cream with a bit of rum, plus fudge-covered rum and malt balls.

2. Wavy Gravy (1991-2001) This caramel and cashew Brazil nut flavor stayed on shelves for eight years. The flavor also featured roasted almonds and a chocolate hazelnut fudge swirl. However, Ben & Jerry's flavor graveyard claims, "Wavy Gravy isn't dead - he lives in California."

wavy gravy graveyard

(Photo credit: Flickr/Doug Kerr)

3. Turtle Soup (2006-2010)
This vanilla fudge covered ice cream featured fudge-covered caramels, cashews, and a caramel swirl, but it only lasted on shelves for five years.

4. Fossil Fuel (2005-2010) This dinosaur-themed sweet cream ice cream was loaded with chocolate cookie pieces and fudge dinosaurs. It was complete with a fudge swirl. But, as Ben & Jerry's puts it, "Fossil Fuel is non-renewable."

fossil fuel graveyard

(Photo credit: Flickr/Doug Kerr)

5. Miz Jelena's Sweet Potato Pie (1992-1993) This ice ginger ice cream with a fudge swirl throughout had a year-long run.

flavor graveyard ben and jerry's

(Photo credit: Flickr/Doug Kerr)

6. White Russian (1986-1996) This achingly-themed coffee ice cream (complete with Kahlua) may no longer be on shelves, but Ben & Jerry's flavor graveyard says it remains alive in scoop shops.

7. Tuskeegee Chunk (1989-1990) This ice cream seems like it would have been popular — it was simply peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chunks throughout — yet it only stayed on shelves for a year.

8. Oh Pear (1997-1997) This short-lived flavor featured an unusual combination flavors: pear ice cream with a tough of almond and a light fudge swirl throughout.

9. Dastardly Mash (1979-1991) This chocolate ice cream with pecans, almonds, chocolate chips, and raisins had a long run. Ben & Jerry's flavor graveyeard attributes its downfall to raisins. "Here the brazen DASTARDLY lies," it reads, "some say that raisin, caused its demise."

Dastardly mash graveyard flavor

(Photo credit: Flickr/Doug Kerr)

10. Economic Crunch (1987-1987) This stock-market crash themed ice cream didn't last long, but its flavor (vanilla with chocolate covered almonds, pecans, and walnuts) can continue to be remembered.

economic crunch flavor graveyard

(Photo credit: Flickr/Doug Kerr)

You can view the entire flavor graveyeard here.

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