Tyrann Mathieu locks himself in a hot car for PETA video

Dog Left in Hot Car Downtown
Dog Left in Hot Car Downtown


Former LSU star and current Arizona Cardinals safety Tryann Mathieu sided with PETA to produce a video displaying the effects of being trapped in a hot car.

Mathieu, a very healthy 23-year-old professional athlete, sat in a closed car for eight minutes. It was 90 degrees outside, and by the time Mathieu couldn't take the heat any longer, temperatures inside the vehicle reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mathieu and PETA published the video in an attempt to alert dog owners -- and parents, for that matter -- that closed cars rapidly reach sweltering heat levels on hot days. If a fit adult reached near exhaustion after just eight minutes, it's easy to imagine the duress dogs and small children find themselves under in these circumstances.

If you couldn't figure it out before watching this video, please don't leave anybody in a closed, hot car. Dogs and children will fare much worse than Mathieu did.

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