Astros, Rangers almost had a throwback brawl last night (Video)

Cubs and Marlins Hold Polite, Bench-Clearing Brawl

Last night's Astros-Rangers game had it all — from bat-flips to throwback uniforms and a whole lot of hate in everyone's heart. There's no love lost between Texas and Houston, and that animosity if captured perhaps most perfectly in the rivalry between the Rangers and Astros.

Ever since the Astros and Rangers came into existence, they have been battling it out to determine which team is the best in all of Texas. This usually leads to some great baseball and more than a few intense moments between the two teams. Last night was a perfect example of that — and it was a throwback style throw down.

Just watch for yourself:

This was a pretty typical brawl — if you even want to call it that, but the throwback uniforms is what made this visually amazing. You never want to see fighting in baseball, but for a sport that lives within its history, this was a brawl for the mouth foamers in the nostalgia club.

Baseball fans love their history, and seeing two heated rivals like the Ranger and Astros throwing down like it's 1975 is something that makes everyone a little bit happier.

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