Watch this man fly a jetpack around Washington and Beijing

Man Blasts Off in Hydrogen and Nitrogen-Powered Jet Pack

It sounds like a piece of technology from a cartoon, a movie or a video game, but jetpacks have been available for us to fly around for quite some time.

According to Wikipedia, the concept originated in the 1920s from science fiction literature, but became already tangible in the '60s when a series of scientists invented different kinds of 'flying backpacks' that were originally very chunky, heavy and dangerous.

The technology has been developed, especially to be used by astronauts that needed a way to control their movements in the absence of gravity, but it's only in the recent years that the jetpack started to be used on earth.

GoFast Jetpacks is the company that's turning everybody's dreams into a reality.

Here is team member Nick Macomber flying around in Beijing:

While the design is not yet available for the larger market, the company is perfecting it to increase the duration of the flight, which is currently around just 30 seconds before it runs out of fuel. GoFast claimed that they are aiming to create design that allows you to extend flight time to 30 minutes.

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