Government approves the first drone delivery in the US

First Successful U.S. Drone Delivery Sets Stage for Future

This is the first government-approved drone delivery in the U.S.

While we are still a long way from mass drone delivery services for Amazon and other businesses, a pop-up health clinic in rural Virginia was the first one to receive medicines from one of these flying machines.

According to the Wall Street Journal "the drone carried medications prescribed by doctors at the annual Remote Area Clinic, a facility in Wise County, Va., that serves 3,000 patients one weekend a year."

A larger aircraft covered the initial ground carrying all the medications, while the drone made the last part of the trip by bringing the material for up to 5.5 pounds each time. With this weight the drone can fly as far as 20 miles before the battery dies.

What is your take on this? Should every drone delivery become legal?

Here is a gallery with some other technologies that are incredibly awesome but at the same time could pose a risk to humans:

Potentially harmful technologies: drones, self driving cars, hoverboards
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Government approves the first drone delivery in the US
KNUTSFORD, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 13: A youth poses as he rides a hoverboard, which are also known as self-balancing scooters and balance boards, on October 13, 2015 in Knutsford, England. The British Crown Prosecution Service have declared that the devices are illegal as they are are too unsafe to ride on the road, and too dangerous to ride on the pavement. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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