YouTuber Casey Neistat is reinventing social sharing with this simple app

Casey Neistat @ SXSW: 'If A Child Can't Understand (My Films), I've Failed'
YouTube icon Casey Neistat is taking his business from video making to the app world in an attempt to reinvent the way we share our lives on social channels.

Neistat's very simple yet highly effective idea began, as many great ideas do, by facing a problem: every time we take a photo or a video of something, including ourselves, we are disconnected from the 'real' world for a moment since our phone comes between us and the subject.

Beme, the free app that the YouTuber developed, aims to avoid just that by changing the way we record our experiences and share them.

Instead of lifting your phone in front of you, simply bring the screen to your chest and the app will start recording a short Snapchat-like video that will be automatically shared with the other users on the platform.

That's it. Plain and brilliant.

Here is a video that shows how it works:

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