Why #blessed is the most annoying hashtag on Instagram

Is #Blessed Over?
Is #Blessed Over?

For the past year or so, "#blessed" has been taking the Instagram world by storm. People are so obsessed with the glorified hashtag that it's even been printed on T-shirts, sunglasses, and water bottles as of late.

However, some people don't really understand the meaning of "blessed" and have annoyingly ruined the epic hashtag for the rest of us Insta-fiends.

Dictionary.com defines "blessed" as "divinely or supremely favored; fortunate." Other definitions include "bringing happiness and thankfulness" and "worthy of reverence or worship."

...None of those definitions say anything about showing off expensive things. It seems millennials these days have a tendency to post pictures of themselves at exclusive parties, wearing expensive outfits, or relaxing on luxurious vacations. Don't worry though, it's not obnoxious at all because they acknowledge that they're #blessed. Thus, we can't possibly condemn them for boasting.

#blessed might as well read: #bragging. A note to Instagram enthusiasts: putting the hashtag in the caption doesn't add some notion of modesty to the events captured in the photo. If anything, it just makes the hashtag that much more annoying.

It's fine to acknowledge that you're #blessed because you have amazing friends who support you or you find yourself in any other situation that would actually deem you blessed. However, you're not partying in the VIP section of the Four Seasons at Cannes because you're #blessed. You're there because you're rich, you have connections, or you just decided to splurge one night.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having money and enjoying lavish things. However, when you post pictures of this lavish lifestyle, just acknowledge that your Insta pics are a bit boast-y regardless of the hashtag present in the caption. That's all we ask.

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