This fitness model proves that beauty and buff are the perfect match

Instagram Fitness Model Shows Off Curves
Instagram Fitness Model Shows Off Curves

Fitness model Michelle Lewin has been branded as the girl-next-door-turned-bombshell. The fitness icon started working in a local clinic in Venezuela and soon transformed her body to become one of the biggest stars in the business.

The model, now based in South Florida, proves that femininity and strength aren't mutually exclusive. She challenges any stigma against buff women with her astounding beauty and fierce confidence. Besides, if you mess with her, she can probably take you.

Lewin is especially known for her insane social media following. The fitness enthusiast has 5.1 million followers on Instagram and 288,000 Twitter followers. She's currently known as this year's #GirlOfSummer as she inspires millions with her strength training workouts, healthy eating tips, and rock hard abs.

This fitness model shows the world how sexy curves can be. She owns her figure and turns to fitness to stay toned, lean, and strong. She recently explained how she keeps her body in such great condition:

"I'm always challenging myself, so I started to do it more frequently, changed the diet and became really ripped."

"Really ripped" is an understatement. The fitness fiend makes it allI sounds pretty simple. Don't be fooled, though. Lewin worked her butt off, literally, to get to her current state of fame. She said:

"What inspires me and my biggest motivation are my fans."

She's inspiring her fans in return. Keep doing you, Michelle Lewin!

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