Stop giving your friends this terrible dating advice

Jeremy Jordan's Dating Advice

How many times have you told your friends to "play hard to get," or "wait 30 minutes before texting him back" when they embark on a new relationship? Now, how many times has that advice actually worked for you in your own relationships? Probably never.

For some reason, millennials find themselves repeating this cliched dating advice without actually thinking about its success rate. It's time to cut some of this overused advice out of our go-to responses because it only sets our friends up for failure.

Next time your friend comes to you in need of advice for how to flirt with, respond to, or get the attention of a new love interest, here's the most terrible dating advice we need to stop spreading.

1. Play hard to get.
Women tend to overthink everything whereas men are typically a bit less analytical. When a guy seemingly "plays hard to get," he's likely just hard to get because he isn't interested in a relationship. He's not playing any games. Women should stop trying to reciprocate this unappreciated quality. If a guy seems interested in you and you like him back, stop playing games and be honest! Why should he make all the effort?

2. Wait 30 minutes to text him back.
Um, why? If you were having a conversation IRL, you wouldn't just stare at the guy in silence upon his latest contribution to the convo until the 30-minute-mark deems it socially acceptable for you to respond. You would just carry on the conversation naturally! The reason you're texting the guy in the first place is because you want to get a conversation going. Stop stifling it!

3. Post a picture to make him jealous.
Because jealousy is the most attractive quality in a man. If you're mad at him for something or concerned that he's not attentive enough, talk to him about it. Don't go back to your immature fifth grade antics. Your goal is to take a picture with him in it one day, so stop ruining that natural progression with your lame desire to upset him. It's fine if you want him to show you some emotional proof that he likes you, that desire is only human. Jealousy just isn't the emotion you should be seeking.

4. You have to pretend to be really chill and down to earth so you don't scare him off.
Don't pretend to be anything you're not. If you're trying to start a relationship with this guy, he's going to see the real you sooner or later. You might as well show your true colors from the start so the poor guy knows what he's getting into. You'd be surprised at how accepting guys can be about our less-than-attractive qualities. Some might even find them endearing...those are the guys you want to hold onto.

5. Guys like girls who...
Nope. If you're not into sports, don't say you are. If you don't like camping, don't pretend you do. Why waste both of your time if you're not a compatible match? Either make the relationship work in an honest way despite your different interests or cut your losses and accept that it's not the right relationship. Plenty of other fish in the sea!

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