Look good for less all summer long

Best Tips: Saving on Clothing

To look your best in the summertime, you may feel as though you need a whole new set of beauty products. But stocking up can be costly and unnecessary. Before you plunk down a wad of cash and raid the shelves of your store, be sure to consider some tweaks to your routine first.

Gigi Anders, senior writer at the fashion and beauty site MyLittleBird.com, explains that summer beauty woes include sweat, grease and frizz. The good news is that you can combat them with these strategies.

1. Don't sweat it.

Sweat is inevitable in the summer, which doesn't exactly make you feel attractive. There is only so much you can do to avoid it on a hot summer day. Anders suggests blotting papers for your face if you want to free yourself from oil while leaving your makeup intact. Perspiration can also be stopped in its tracks with tissues. Carry them in your purse to blot your face temporarily. Individual packs can be found at the dollar store or other stores for just a few bucks.

If you're the type that feels naked without something on your eyes, certain products can make all of the difference for keeping moisture at bay. When it comes to accentuating them, Anders suggests finding waterproof products that won't budge until you remove them at night.

2. Cleanse and exfoliate for less.

Also remember that greasy skin is never in style. Consider avoiding any cleanser that leaves your skin feeling that way. Try samples from makeup counters and see what works best for you. It's a more economical way to try out a new product. This way, your wallet doesn't have to feel the effects of trial and error purchases that can leave you with a big bottle of something that doesn't get the job done. Even if you are allowed to return it, it can be a hassle.

If greasy skin isn't an issue, being in the sun can leave your skin dry. Don't forget to exfoliate. Consider Ander's best thrifty tip for skin care: "One great exfoliating trick I love is using a baby washcloth a few times a week with lukewarm water and my cleanser. It helps to get rid of that dead skin that sits on top."

3. Practice random acts of hair care.

The beach and the sun can wreak havoc on your hair. What looked polished and pretty in the morning can quickly turn into a frizzy mess by noon. Anders recommends a leave-in conditioner to keep locks hydrated and not oily.

She also explains how wearing a deep conditioner on damp hair with a shampoo cap overnight can also help. She suggests pulling your hair back into a ponytail, messy bun or cool braid to remedy the frizz in one fell swoop. Your local drug store may also offer serums and anti-frizz sprays at reduced prices this summer.

4. Put a lid on hair issues.

A few natural highlights from the sun are great, but too much can have your hair looking brassy. It can also zap the shine. Avoid lackluster-looking locks by throwing on a hat while at the beach or wherever you might get a bunch of sun exposure. You can reduce the amount of money you would ordinarily spend on products to prevent these issues or correct them.

5. Check out the men's aisle.

Because of the shorter outfits of the season, many women end up shaving their legs more often than usual this season, and that can result in purchasing more personal care items. It turns out that shaving cream and razors marketed to women are often more expensive than the men's versions. To save money, consider shopping in the men's aisle for your supplies to spend less.

Just by shopping smarter with a little strategic planning, it's possible to combat beauty barriers and look great in the summer. You can have some extra cash in your pocket while ditching sweat, grease and frizz. Use the tips provided to make better spending decisions to look your best for less this summer. Switch to more economical purchases moving forward – you might even stick with your new habits as the weather turns cooler, too.

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Look good for less all summer long


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Many people spend a ton of money on personal care. Although getting manicures, pedicures, massages and haircuts can be a relaxing way to feel pampered, these things are sucking up money that could be spent on travel. Besides, when you are backpacking through South America or sleeping in European hostels, you won’t have access to all of your usual comforts. Why not stop now?

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How about embracing cooking as a new hobby? You will simultaneously be eating healthier, saving money on take-out and maybe even exercising your creative side. Following food blogs is a great, inexpensive way to find recipes and inspiration. One of my favorites, BrokeAssGourmet.com, factors cost into the equation too.

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Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and others end up tacking extra costs onto your monthly bills. Even Kindle, while it may be convenient for when you are traveling, can make buying books and apps all too easy. Consider using your local library to check out books as well as DVDs. Most offer an extensive collection that will help you save over the course of the year.

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If it seems impossible for you to give up some things, or if you’re still in need of extra cash, look for a job where you can make some money without a huge commitment. Babysitting and nanny services connect caretakers with clients and aren’t just for people looking for full-timework. Catering companies are another great option since they always need servers and usually schedule staff on a week-to-week basis.

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No, this Mint won’t print more money for you to spend on a trip to Bali, but it will help you keep track of your spending. The app allows you to create a budget and set specific savings goals, making it easier to hold yourself accountable for saving that extra cash.

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