Google Fiber to offer free Internet to low-income students

Google to Offer Free Internet to Low Income U.S. Households

Google has come up with a solution to the White House's mission to close a homework gap that disables low-income students from accessing the Internet. The solution is to provide high-speed Internet to public housing projects in select cities.

Google's plan is part of a larger initiative by the Obama Administration to help low-income American students keep up with today's online demands. Google made the official announcement on its Fiber blog Thursday:

"Today, in all of our Google Fiber markets, we're launching a program to connect residents in select public and affordable housing properties for $0/month with no installation fee."

The new public housing program will reportedly be available in every city where Google Fiber is offered. As of now, Google Fiber is accessible in Kansas City; Provo, Utah; and Austin, Texas. The company plans to expand soon to other cities.

Google also announced that it will implement digital literacy programs to assist those who lack basic computer skills. Many residents in Austin's Manchaca Village have already successfully completed the training program.

Google Fiber's free Internet program is part of the larger Obama Administration initiative called ConnectHome, which reportedly intends to cover 275,000 households in 27 cities. Low-income students will no longer need to flock to McDonalds to do their schoolwork with Wi-Fi.

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