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Get to Know Cara Delevingne on Her First Solo Vogue Cover

Model and actress​ Cara Delevingne is one of the most talked about stars in Hollywood. With a slew of movies coming out including "Paper Towns" and "Suicide Squad," and a recent Vogue magazine cover, she can't be stopped. What's even more entrancing is that she doesn't try to fit into Hollywood's cookie cutter expectations.

In the recent Vogue article, the supermodel talks about everything from her childhood, to her battle with depression, to her girlfriend Annie Clark (better known as St. Vincent).

While Delevingne herself found nothing particularly wrong with Vogue's article, members of the LGBT community were outraged by the following line: "Her parents seem to think girls are just a phase for Cara, and they may be correct."

Someone even started an online petition to tell "Vogue Magazine that LGBT isn't just a phase." While Delevingne was "flattered" by the petition, she cleared things up in a July 16 interview with the New York Times.

Rock on Ms. Delevingne, you keep doin' you!

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