ALERT: there's a major frozen chicken recall after salmonella outbreak

Outbreak Linked To Frozen Raw Breaded Chicken

The recent Canadian salmonella outbreak is apparently spreading to the United States. If you've recently purchased frozen chicken, we suggest that you cut your losses and avoid cooking it. This is because Aspen Foods is recalling two million pounds of frozen chicken due to an outbreak of salmonella. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 11 people have recently become ill with salmonella in the United states.

Three people became ill in Minnesota because of frozen chicken by Aspen Foods. Eight people became ill in Minnesota and Wisconsin because of chicken by Barber Foods. Thus, the salmonella outbreak is rapidly occurring.

In a recent statement, the USDA said it was concerned that "some product may be in consumers' freezers." Trust us, you don't want to be one of those consumers. Symptoms of salmonella illness reportedly include diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever. Throw out your frozen chicken!

The recall by Aspen Foods applies to raw, breaded stuffed chicken breasts manufactured from April 15 to July 10. The Koch Poultry Company of Chicago, which owns Aspen, reportedly said that the recall applies to breaded cordon bleu, breaded broccoli and cheese, breaded chicken kiev, breaded chicken parmesan, and breaded buffalo-style chicken.

Similarly, the Barber Foods recall specifically applies to 2-pound, 4-oz. boxes of "premium entrees breaded-boneless raw stuffed chicken breasts with mean kiev."

Basically just stop buying breaded chicken and you'll hopefully be in the clear. If you do keep your frozen chicken and trust that it's safe, make sure to cook it thoroughly. The USDA reportedly said that consumers might not be cooking the chicken well enough to fully kill the salmonella bacteria.

It must be noted that although the chicken may appear to be pre-prepared, it is indeed raw meat. Therefore, microwaving the product is not sufficient. The raw meat must be cooked thoroughly to eliminate the bacteria.

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