Adults freak out after being left in a hot car for 10-minutes

Adults Freak Out in 10-Minute Hot Car Challenge
Leaving a child or animal inside a hot car is too often becoming a reality. According to Kars4Kids, since 1998, 618 kids have died of heat stroke after being left in a hot car that can reach 122 degrees.

In order to combat and shrink this number, a social experiment was conducted asking regular adults to sit inside a hot car for 10 minutes. If they were able to complete the "Hot Car Challenge," they would be awarded $100; however, if at any time they wanted to quit, they just had to push a red button inside the vehicle to let them out.

Not shockingly, none of the adults who attempted the challenge were able to complete it. Luckily, the adults had the option to push the button, children do not have that option.

Kars4Kids hopes the social experiment brings awareness to this far too often occurrence. Next time you are running to the store and your kids are with you, bring them inside. Don't become a statistic.

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