Woman gets arrested after claiming Jesus will pay her seafood buffet bill

Woman Tells Police Jesus Will Pay Her Bill, Gets Arrested

A woman in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was arrested on Sunday for not paying her bill after dining for four hours at Bennett's Calabash Seafood Buffet restaurant. Don't worry, though. She had a perfectly legitimate reason for not paying.

...Or maybe not. When the Myrtle Beach Police arrived at the scene in response to the restaurant's disturbance complaint, April Lee Yates, 51, reportedly told them that she planned to have Jesus pay her bill.

WBTV News reported that the restaurant manager told the police officer that Yates caused a disturbance with other patrons at the restaurant during her 4-hour dining event. The manager asked her to pay her bill and leave the restaurant immediately.

That's when things got even crazier. Yates reportedly refused to pay her bill, explaining that she did not have any money with her. When the officer arrived, he asked her if she knew that she had no money when she entered the restaurant. She reportedly replied that she did know.

The report states that the officer asked her how she had planned to pay when the bill arrived. She said that someone would pay the bill for her. When the officer asked who, Yates said "Jesus."

Yates was arrested for defrauding a restaurant and taken to Myrtle Beach Jail.

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