Poll: What's your favorite offbeat Oreo cookie flavor?

The Great American Oreo Taste Test
The Great American Oreo Taste Test

The recent news of "Cookies & Creme" joining the limited edition Oreo family, has us thinking Nabisco is actually running out of new flavor ideas.

Nevertheless, the internet legitimately gets shattered into a million pieces just about every time Oreo launches a new, peculiar flavor.

The classic Oreo will forever be 'America's Favorite Cookie' but where do all of the other Oreo flavors fall in line? Bustle and TimeOut proclaim Cool Mint Oreos take the cake. The Huffington Post puts Lemon Twist on a pedestal. Food and Wine rave S'moreos are the ultimate new Oreos, while Serious Eats thoroughly enjoys the creamsicle variation. We want to know which offbeat Oreo flavor YOU find is an actual win for Oreo. Which limited edition rendition gets your vote for BEST off-the-wall Oreo cookie flavor? Which concept is just waaay too bizarre for words?VOTE NOW!

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We'll rank your picks and find out once in for all which Oreo spin-off is coming for the top spot! May the sweet, sweet odds be ever in your favor.

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