'Tatcalling' — appreciation or harassment?

Stop #Tatcalling Women

With nearly 20% of the population inked, tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. For some, a tattoo is to commemorate a life, or a symbol of self expression, or maybe they just liked the design. Whatever the reason, it is a personal choice. A tattoo is never an excuse to touch another's body.

For feminist blogger Melissa Fabello, it all just became too much. She took to the internet to express her frustrations with "tatcalling."

Like "catcalling," some men seem to think that outwardly screaming compliments at strangers is flattering. But most women do not share these feelings.

So, they've taken to Twitter to stop this nonsense:

But, like any hot topic, there's always two sides:

So, we must know. What are your thoughts on "tatcalling?"

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