SWEAT it out with Dawn Estelle Archer

Given her toned and fabulous size 6 body, you'd never guess that fitness icon Dawn Estelle Archer used to be overweight. The formerly size 16 Richmond, Virginia woman decided to take control of her health and happiness at the age of 28. She now dedicates her career to helping others do the same.

Like many frustrated, overweight people, Archer battled with depression in 2013. When things got really bad, she knew it was time to make a drastic lifestyle change. She started by developing and maintaining a healthy diet as well as exercising. She soon fell in love with healthy living.

After discovering her passion for fitness, Archer began teaching her praised SWEAT classes every night of the week. SWEAT is an hour-long $10 class full of aerobics and good music...not to mention lots of sweat!

With the success of her SWEAT classes came social media notice. People in other states and countries wanted to see what the hype was about. That's why, in January 2014, Archer booked a one-way ticket across the country for her #SWEATTOUR2014. She has taught classes in over 74 cities. Archer hopes to reach 50 states in one year. She now has 211,000 Instagram followers. She told Teen Diaries:

"I feel like it is my purpose at this point in my life to reach as many people and give them hope. Everyone cannot make it to Virginia where I'm teaching, so I'm going to help them."

With a plethora of before and after Instagram pictures documenting her personal health success, this fitness star proves that perfect genes or a naturally thin physique are not prerequisites to succeeding in the social media or fitness businesses. She inspires real women who want to change their health and lifestyles but don't have the confidence or proper role model. Finally we have the perfect source of inspiration.

Watch this video to learn how to start living a healthier life:

5 Easy Ways To Live A Happier, Healthier Life

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