Siri calls 911 when you say 'Charge my phone to 100 percent'

4 Questions You Need To Ask Siri Right Now
4 Questions You Need To Ask Siri Right Now

Siri has been surprising people for quite some time now, but iPhone users just discovered something pretty alarming: Siri will call 911 if you say 'Charge my phone to 100 percent.'

Granted, Siri clearly doesn't have the power to charge our phones, but this is quite the slip up. Plus, once Siri makes the call, you only have a 5-second window of time to cancel it.

Luckily, Siri only has this response when you ask her to charge your phone to 100 percent. Using other numbers results in Siri trying to make a phone call with those numbers.

On the flip side, this feature actually has the potential to help victims of domestic violence, providing them with a roundabout way of calling the police.

With that being said, obviously don't use this feature "just for fun", as it will result in the police showing up at your door. After all, you just wanted Siri to fully charge your phone, right?

See more of what Siri can do:

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