NYC is beaming free Wi-Fi from smart garbage bins

Wi-Fi Garbage Cans Deliver Free Internet to New York City

If you didn't think that smart garbage cans were enough, now they are also becoming Wi-Fi hotspots.

Bigbelly, a waste management company based in Massachusetts is trying to make this happen across New York City.

The company has already installed 170 solar powered smart bins in downtown Manhattan, where they will be able to detect when they become either too full or too smelly so that the trash can be collected at the most appropriate time.

Bigbelly is already taking the next steps and testing a few of these trash cans as Wi-Fi hotspots, and according to The Huffington Post: "... results were promising," says Jeremy Schneider, Chief Technology Officer of Downtown Alliance.

"At 50 to 75 megabits per second, he adds, the bandwidth will be more than enough to run a small business. Being nestled inside the Bigbelly didn't compromise the quality of the signal: Since Bigbellies are on street level, the signal didn't receive any interference from towering skyscrapers," Schneider said.

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